Reliance B.M.S Pte Ltd

Welcome to Reliance B.M.S Pte Ltd

Since 2010, Reliance B.M.S Pte Ltd has been known as a professional organization that provide full range of services to assist small and middle size firm with accounting, corporate secretarial, taxation, payroll, company Incorporation and other business and corporate services. Reliance B.M.S Pte Ltd excels at creating strong relationships with clients who are seeking a combination of technical excellence with a specialised range of services and a desire for outstanding client relationships. We understand that each of our clients is distinctively different hence we know it is important to listen to client’s need, work with them, and ascertain their requirements to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

Our Motto

Reliable Services
Reasonable Pricing
Remarkable work

The 3 main pillar of our Motto brings us where we are today. You can be assured that you are in good hands of our accountants with outstanding quality of work. You will be pleased to know our pricing is very reasonable and one of the lowest in the Singapore Market.

Reliable Services ,Reasonable Pricing, Remarkable work